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Student Clubs & Organizations

***If your student club or organization would like to use Winters College space for meetings, please contact the Office of the Master for room availability (, and fill out the Temporary Use of University Space/Event Application through the YU Connect link:

Want your club to become affiliated with Winters College? Please fill out our Winters Student Club Application 2017-2018: Winters StudentClubApplication 2017-2018

To learn more about our affiliated student clubs, including events held by each club and how you join, please visit:

Creative Arts Student Association (CASA)

Location: CFA 164A

Contact: Megan Nowick, President
Twitter: @Casayorku
Office: CFA 164A

Creative Arts Student Association (CASA) is the governing student body in the School of AMPD at York University. We exist in order to represent your interests to the administration, and are here to provide you with encouragement and support. This is achieved through the coordination of services, events, and activities which will enhance our immediate cultural community as well as the University as a whole.We strive to foster a sense of inter-departmental connectedness and belonging.

We hold Coffee House' every Monday in the CFT FireSide Lounge from 12:30-2:30pm. Our first Coffee House of the year will be Monday, September 28th, 2015! Coffee House is our weekly open event where students can gather, get free food and coffee, and chat/connect with one another. Sometimes there are performances!

 Communication Studies Student Association

Location: TEL 3035


The Communication Studies Students’ Association (CSSA) at York University was founded in July 2005 and has been growing ever since. The goal of the CSSA is to augment the undergraduate Communication Studies program experience by allowing students to further develop their theoretical understanding of Communications. We accomplish this by organizing various forms of interactions and experiences, which can include but are not limited to: guest speakers, industry tours, and developmental skills workshops.

The Directors of the 4 areas of focus: Advertising, Digital Media, Public Relations, and Writing and Publishing are specialists in their respective areas, providing relevant and pertinent information to members as per their area of speciality. Through bi-weekly meetings, members have the opportunity to participate in the COMM-unity by getting to know others in their program, who are also participating in the many events that are organized by the dedicated CSSA Executive Body.

We welcome you to contact us with any questions you may have! We are an extremely dedicated team and we are here to ensure that members get the most that the CSSA has to offer. We encourage you to join the CSSA as we have no doubt that this year will be the best that York University has seen since its inception.

 Dance Students Association

DSA logo 2015Primary Contact: Olivia Faveri

To represent the interests of Dance Students;

To encourage and coordinate services and activities which will enhance the University experience for students in the Dance Department, as well as the York University community as a whole;

To foster a sense of community within the Department by encouraging the continuous interchange of ideas and mutual support among faculty, staff and students of the department;

To encourage students to form professional relationships with each other and with the faculty members within the department to ensure that the exchange of questions, concerns and ideas are fluid between students and faculty;

To provide opportunities for, encourage, and promote student-initiated projects in the field of dance and serve as a support system for Dance Students in their independent creative projects;

To safeguard and uphold the rights of individual students regardless of political affiliation, gender, culture, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, class, age, or physical ability;

To organize, regulate, and maintain a democratic system of its own self-government.


Faculty of Education Students Association (FESA)

Location: 116 Winters College
Telephone: 416-736-2100 ext. 88779

The Faculty of Education Students’ Association is a student council consisting of Faculty of Education students that serve as support for Faculty of Education students, as well as providing a buffer between the Faculty and their students, as well as the ‘working world.’ The council also provides services such as holding conferences, workshops, selling merchandise (including but not limited to Faculty of Ed merchandise, as well as academic resources), and coordinating outside resources (Tribes, etc) and its very own newsletter which thrives on Faculty of Education students’ contribution.

Film Students Association

Primary Contact: Zach Gladstone
The Film Students Association houses various film majors (Production, Screenwriting, and Cinema Media Studies) and allows them to interact, collaborate and create a harmonious community centered around the art of film. As the FSA, we represent the interests, opinions and concerns of Film students and bridge the gap between the students and faculty. We hold film festivals, screenings and various other film-related events that are free to take part in. The FSA is proud to be part of the fine arts community as a voice for the film students.

Golden Key International Honour Society

Golden Key-websitePrimary Contact: Petra Barlett Velandia, President
YU Connect:
Location: Winters College, 002A

Golden Key International Honour Society (GKIHS) at York University is composed of students who, in terms of grades, make up the top 15% of the university. GKIHS at York has over 700 members. We aim to provide this membership with networking (i.e. Golden Key's regional and international conferences) and volunteer opportunities (i.e. SPARK a Change literacy and education programs, assembling and distributing care packages to a Toronto homeless shelter, etc.), as well as academic resources (specifically in the areas of LSAT, GMAT, GRE and MCAT preparation with seminars, texts and mock tests). Moreover, our chapter grants three scholarships annually.

Near the end of the fall semester, GKIHS at York hosts the New Member Recognition Event (NMRE). This is the chapter's biggest event of the year. Around 300 students are inducted into the chapter.

Want to benefit from our club’s academic help and/ or take part in our club’s services? Contact us!

Hallyu Dongari (Korean Culture Club)


We are a club stationed at York University that is dedicated to the introduction and appreciation of all aspects of Korean culture to Korean students and especially to non-Korean students. At the same time, our goal is to form strong connections between Korean international students and Canadian students who are interested in learning more about Korean culture. We focus on providing events and workshops every month for our members to experience the culture and history at its best! So far we have had events, such as the Super Wave Korea, Japan/Korea week, Korean-English Language Exchanges, movie nights, and workshops, including calligraphy, traditional Korean painting, fan-dancing, Korean pop dancing (K-pop), Korean-style break dancing, Kim-chi making, and palace cooking.

EVENT descriptions:

The Super Wave Korea is a major annual event that was hosted on Saturday, October 28, 2011 at the Korean

Canadian Cultural Centre. It was sponsored by Korean Canadian Cultural Association (KCCA) and Korean Tourism Organization (KTO). Hallyu Dongari at York University worked alongside both organizations as well as the Korean culture club of University of Toronto to showcase the traditional and modern aspects of Korean culture, hence supporting the wave of Korea that has hit Toronto. We provided amazing presentations of Taekwondo, Korean Traditional Drumming, stunning performances by Korean celebrities within Toronto, and a variety of delicious Korean dishes for everyone! It was an amazing celebration of the true essence of Korean culture.

Japan/Korean day was held on Friday, February 3, 2012 at York University. Hallyu Dongari partnered up with Japanese International Student Association (JISA) to host an amazing day full of games, excitement, and shows of Korean and Japanese culture combined.

Hallyu Dongari is now currently holding Korean-English Language Exchanges at St. George International College (SGIC) with their Korean students participating as well as our non-Korean members.  Our goal is to bring together Koreans and non-Koreans, give them an opportunity to learn from each other, and make new friends. This exchange is held bi-weekly officially starting on Friday, March 2, 2012.

Movie nights were held on the first Wednesday of October, November, February, and our final movie night will be held on Wednesday, March 7, 2012, Each month we showcase a particular movie that is voted by the members or chosen by our executive committee. We have shown movies, such as 200 Pounds of Beauty, Hello Ghost, and Speedy Scandal. Members come out and enjoy watching wonderful Korean movies while meeting new friends. For our upcoming movie night, we will be displaying My Tutor Friend 1 and inviting our fellow Korean friends from SGIC.

Our next big event will be the finale to Hallyu Dongari’s amazing and successful year end event! We will be hosting it at SongGook Restaurant and inviting all our members and Arirangtv and Alltv as well.  We will be celebrating the essence of Korean culture.

Our office is temporarily located at Winters Grad Lounge Room 120 every Tuesday from 2:30pm to 4:30pm and every Thursday from 2:00pm to 6:30pm. You can purchase your membership tickets, register for the upcoming events, and make new friends who enjoy similar things!

If you have any questions or concerns, please visit our Facebook page at or send an email to









Music Students Association (MSAYU)

Contact: Emilio Bernardo-Ciddio, Ben Combe, and Blair Smith-Herbert

To represent the interests of Undergraduate Music Students at York University;
To encourage and coordinate services and activities which will enhance the University experience for students in the Department, as well as the Faculty of AMPD and the York University community as a whole;
To foster a sense of community within the Department and Faculty by encouraging the continuous interchange of ideas and mutual support among faculty, staff and students of all departments as well as any other relevant parties;
To build and maintain a beneficial relationship with surrounding communities, as well as the Toronto music community.
To encourage students to form professional relationships with each other and with professional arts organizations, as such relationships are critical to anyone working in the field of creative arts;
To provide opportunities for, encourage, and promote student-initiated projects in the field of creative arts;
To safeguard and uphold the rights of individual students regardless of political affiliation, gender, culture, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, class, age, or physical ability, etc.;
To organize, regulate, and maintain a democratic system of its own self government;
To contribute to the improvement and progress of the Department and Faculty, and to the improvement and progress of artists in our community.



Musicians Society

Primary Contacts: Matthew Nguyen and Gabriel Wahl
Location: 145 Winters
Facebook Page:
Facebook Group:



Refuge Aid

Refuge AidPrimary Contact: Mutaz Qamhieh

RefugeAid provides humanitarian aid while raising awareness about current & emerging trends affecting refugees & asylum seekers.
Our mission is to help refugees overcome adversity and help rebuild communities.
An additional goal this year is to help resettle as many refugees as possible, in Canada.
There is an ongoing conflict in Syria with no end in sight and thousands of refugees have fled into neighbouring countries such as Jordan, Turkey, Iraq and Lebanon. This project is dedicated to raising funds for the Medecins Sans Frontieres / Doctors Without Borders "Emergency Fund" and to the United Nations High Commissioner of Refugees (UNHCR) to their Syria Fund. Donations will go towards purchasing medical supplies, food, blankets, and other supplies for the refugees living in camps in northern Lebanon.
As our primary focus of donations is for the Syrian Humanitarian crisis, we aim to raise awareness about all refugees and continue to fight for the rights of refugees.
To learn more about RefugeAid please see our website

Salsa Club @ York
Salsa_Logo_RedLocation: 002B
Contact: Sasha Tulsidin
The purpose of Salsa Club @ York is to provide lessons, events, socials and outing for students interested in salsa and related dance forms. Our past events include: weekly lessons, workshops, socials on campus and group outings to various salsa nightclubs and socials in Toronto. We create a safe space for all levels of salsa dancers (even new dancers!) to come and learn a skill they can enjoy for a very long time! You don't need a partner or any dance experience! All you need to do it be willing to try and we can definitely teach you how to salsa!

Membership fee and cost of lessons: $25 per semester depending on session taken.

Theatre Students Association

TSA LogoLocation: CFT 338

The goal and responsibility of the Theatre Students Association is, in essence, to represent the interests of Theatre Students. We try to encourage and coordinate services and activities which will enhance the University experience for students in the department, as well as the York University community as a whole.

Our club fosters a sense of community within the department by encouraging the continuous interchange of ideas and mutual support among the department, staff and students of all departments as well as any other relevant parties. All members safeguard and uphold the rights of individual students regardless of political affiliation, gender, culture, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, class, age, or physical ability. We want to bridge the gap between years and streams, and encourage community gatherings and activities such as, for example, T.S.A. Nights @ the Ab and Cabaret.

How to get involved: Students may contact T.S.A. co-presidents Adam Brewer and Adriana Berardocco at They may also show up at Monday meetings at 6:30 P.M. in the Centre for Film and Theatre, room 301. Participation in the club is set on a voluntary basis.


 UNITY @ York


Our open-minded, growing commUNITY is here to encourage artistic expression by empowering University student to flourish as active community-minded leaders. UNITY @ York is dedicated to building a healthy hip-hop community at York, in which all of the five elements of Hip-Hop can be freely practiced, taught, and performed. These include, but are not limited to: Breakdance, Beatbox, Emcee-ing, Spoken Word, Graffiti, and DJing. Through our events and sessions, we bring people together in a positive space and support creative self-expression. Any proceeds from fundraisers go to our parent organization, UNITY Charity- an anti-violence nonprofit that brings beatboxers, breakdances, graffiti artists, and spoken word poets into high schools all over Ontario, to inspire youth towards positive outlets and engage in real commUNITY. We are one of the only organizations on campus to break the social boundaries of race, religion, culture, age, gender, and faculty!




V-Day is a global activist movement to end violence against women and girls. It’s premise is to educate the public and generate attention for the fight to stop violence against women and girls through performance and special events. Every year, student clubs and community groups around the world produce annual productions of The Vagina Monologues -- or other works created V-Day -- and use the proceeds for local individual projects and programs that work to end violence against women and girls, often shelters and rape crisis centers. It is important for us, as part of the York University community, to make change and raise awareness. By bringing together an array of strong, passionate and dynamic women, we will use the power of creative arts to promote social change this year with our annual benefit production of The Vagina Monologues. All proceeds of this year’s production will be made to a local women’s shelter.


Visual Arts Student Association (VASA)

Location: CFA 330 E

The Visual Arts Students Association is an elected student body promoting visual arts and student involvement both inside and outside the university. Programming group exhibits, art sales, workshops and contests, VASA works to create a stronger art community within York between students and teachers alike.


Winters Community Art Club (WCAC)

Location: Winters College, 002D

Winters Community Art Club is a student-run organization providing art programs for youth within the York and Jane & Finch community. We are supported financially through fundraisers and grants offered by various organizations within the university. WCAC's affiliation with York University and Winters College allows our club to provide these programs free of charge, culminating each session with a final art show and celebration. Through partnership with local schools, community centers and summer camps, we identify talented youth who are interested in the program.

We have worked with over 100 young artists, many of whom have become returning participants. Our programs allow participants to explore various areas of the fine arts, while having fun! Our teaching techniques are flexible, very friendly, respectful and continuously developing new directions to inspire our participants. Our instructors are university students and sometimes local high school students who are trained and informed about our services to help us lead the programs.

WCAC was founded in 2005 by two York University students, Sarah Epp and Christina Akrong. With the support of Winters College and various resources offered by the University and community, they implemented a youth art program.


Winters College Council

Rocking out since '67!

We are a student government who are entrusted to enrich the lives and educational experience of our affiliated students. Through academic, cultural, political, recreational and artistic programs, we strive to make students’ experiences here at York both academically fulfilling and socially satisfying. As we start our year off with Orientation Week (Frosh Week), one of the biggest on campus, the spreading Winters College spirit becomes evident.

Some of the key services we provide are:

- Social Events such as live music nights, karaoke, and coffee houses
- Orientation Week
- The Absinthe Pub and Coffee Shop
- Winters Free Press
- Artist Grants
- Club Funding and Support
- Advocacy
- Intramural Sports
- Student Space
- Winters Free Press

Location: 003 Winters College
416-736-2100 ext. 55389
Taneisha McAdam, President

Winters Free Press


Editor: Emma
Location: Winters College, 004

"The Artichoke", published by the Winters Free Press is the official publication of Winters College. Every month we publish articles, reviews, and editorials by students, about student issues.

As Winters if the Fine Arts College, we focus on arts and culture. We feel that this publication is a great resource for getting out information about new and exciting events going on at Winters, and all around York. People read the paper to find out about the cool things they may not have known about otherwise, which really helps to build a sense of community throughout the year.

We're always looking for new submissions and new ideas. If you'd like to get involved, we'd love to have you. Our office is in Winters College, room 004, so feel free to stop by.

We're really excited about the coming year, and will be your first and most reliable source for what's going on around your college.


Location: 145 Winters College
President: Philip Torrenueva
WIBI is an innovative and eclectic contemporary a cappella ensemble founded in 1998 at York University. 2018 marks WIBI's 30th year! This semi-professional student group has reveled in exploring a broad range of musical styles with a focus on popular music. WIBI is also the longest-running collegiate a cappella group in Canada!

WIBI has shared the stage with Grammy winner Ben Folds, Juno winners ...The Nylons, as well as Cadence, Retrocity, and others. The group has alumni in notable acts including the Swingle Singers, Countermeasure, and the Nathaniel Dett Chorale.

Recent clients include: Global TV (Canwest), Kraft Foods Canada (Tassimo), Toronto Pearson Airport, Big Brothers and Sisters of Canada, The Peer Project, United Way, and York University.